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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 9, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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this morning, breaking their silence. >> for the first time, we're hearing from the three women who were kidnapped and held captive in cleveland. >> i want everyone to know how happy i am to be home with my family, my friends. >> what they're saying about the road to recovery. plus, heroic evacuation. new video showing the scene just seconds after a deadly plane crash. and we're learning about the brave people who helped the injured passengers. his life in hiding. new details emerging overnight about osama bin laden's life before his death. including how police pulled his car over months after 9/11. and an elaborate engagement proposal, not so new. but this one may take the cake. complete with the rose bowl and a helicopter.
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good tuesday morning, everyone. we begin with that brand-new video released early this morning. the three women held captive in cleveland for a decade, all speaking publicly for the first time. >> it's a message of thanks to their many supporters for the encouragement and financial donations. but it also reveals much about their road to recovery. two months after their nightmare ended, a message of hope. >> i'm getting stronger today. >> reporter: amanda berry, gina dejesus, and michelle knight, breaking their public silence together, in a video released overnight. it starts with berry's message of thanks. >> i want everyone to know how happy i am to be home with my family and friends. it's been unbelievable. i want to thank everyone who has helped me and my family through this entire ordeal. >> reporter: it was may 6th, when berry yelled for help from behind a locked screen door, bringing the world's attention to the cleveland home where the trio had been held against their
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will for more than a decade. each has avoided a statement until now. >> i would say thank you for your support. >> reporter: dejesus appearing with her parents, all expressing thanks. but it's michelle knight, the oldest captive, who shares the most about what she calls her new life. >> i want everyone to know that we're just fine. i may have been through hell and back. but i am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face. i will not let this situation define who i am. i will define the situation. i don't want to be consumed by hatred. >> reporter: ariel castro, the man accused of kidnapping them, has pleaded not guilty to more than 300 counts. he fathered a child with berry, and allegedly punched knight until she miscarried. but in the video, her outlook is hopeful. both she and berry looking to the future. >> i ask everyone to continue to
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respect our privacy and give us time to have a normal life. >> i'm looking forward to my brand-new life. >> ariel castro's trial is set to begin on august 5th. the women said in a statement last week they want it resolved quickly. our other big story this morning, investigators looking into the crash-landing in san francisco, are focusing on the final seconds in the cockpit. >> they've spoken to the pilot who was training on the boeing 777 when it fell short of the runway. and we're seeing new images of the emergency chutes as they deployed immediately afterward. abc's brandi hitt is joining us this morning from san francisco with more. good morning, brandi. >> reporter: good morning, john and diana. we just learned the parents of the victims from china just arrived here in san francisco, moments ago, as the investigation continues into this deadly crash landing. and the ntsb will be interviewing the pilots again later today. >> that's scary. >> reporter: video captured after the crash landing shows smoke billowing from asiana
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flight 214, as wounded passengers ran for their lives, first responders rushed into the burning plane. >> we had elderly. we had somebody that was partially trapped. as it turns out, there was a small person stuck between the seats. >> reporter: lead flight attendant, yoon hye lee, is also being hailed a hero. one of the people last to make it out alive, witnesses says she helped passengers twice her size. and even carried this child while suffering from a broken tailbone. >> translator: the child was afraid to go down the slide. i tried to encourage the child, put him on my back and slid down. >> she was so tiny and skinny. i couldn't believe how powerful, how strong she was. >> reporter: ntsb investigators have completed the first round of pilot interviews. >> looking for things that might affect human performance, like fatigue, like illnesses or medication. >> reporter: anything to explain why the boeing 777 was traveling at a slow rate of speed when it struck the end of the runway and slid out of control, killing two 16-year-old schoolgirls from china.
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their grieving parents arrived in san francisco this morning, also searching for answers. and an investigation is also under way into whether one of those young victims may have survived the crash, only to be hit by an emergency vehicle rushing to the scene. john and diana? >> all right, brandi. we know investigators are taking a close look at the cockpit. any idea what they pulled out of there? >> reporter: john, the ntsb says they did find the appropriate charts and approach for this airport in the cockpit. they made that announcement overnight. also, we know those black boxes, the voice and data recorders, those were removed from the cockpit very early on. investigators are still combing through those in washington, d.c. and later on today, when they conduct more of these interviews, they're going to be specifically looking at what these pilots did in the 72 hours, all the details, in the 72 hours leading up to this crash landing. >> all right, brandi hitt in san francisco. thank you. stay with abc news for new developments from san francisco.
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complete coverage coming up later today on "good morning america." and now, details in another deadly crash that we've learned that two families vacationing from south carolina were among the ten people killed in that alaska plane crash on sunday. relatives say one of the families usually spent vacation in myrtle beach but decided to go to alaska this year instead. the pilot also died when the air taxi crashed at a remote airport about 75 miles southwest of anchorage. and the death toll is expected to climb today in that weekend crash of a runaway train in that tiny canadian town on the border with maine. at least 13 people were killed when the train fully loaded with crude oil, barreled into the town, derailed and erupted into a fireball, destroying some 30 builds. searchers are still digging through the smoldering wreckage for 50 people who are still missing. overseas, a newly leaked report has leveled scathing indictments of pakistani leaders for letting osama bin laden evade capture for nine years. the report also offers some insight that he wore a cowboy
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hat while gardening. and that he doted on his dozen grandkids. they also say that the search for him may have ended eight years earlier if a traffic cop had spotted him in a car that he stopped for speeding. big change in america's involvement in afghanistan. all u.s. troops may be coming home sooner than expected. president obama reportedly considering speeding up the timetable because of his frustration with afghan president hamid karzai. the original deadline for troop withdrawal had been the end of next year, with plans to leave a small residual force behind. now, the u.s. is considering leaving no troops on the ground. the president of venezuela confirms that his country has gotten an asylum request from nsa leaker edward snowden. snowden's believed to be still holed up in that moscow airport. bolivia and nicaragua have already said they would grant snowden asylum. tropical storm chantal taking aim at the caribbean. packing 50-mile-per-hour winds. she is expected the make landfall this morning in barbados, st. lucia and puerto rico, bringing up to six inches of rain and flooding. forecasters say she could turn
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into a hurricane before reaching haiti and the dominican republic tomorrow. it's expected that it will weaken before getting to the bahamas. let's look at the weather from across the nation. hot and humid with some isolated thunderstorms for much of the east coast and ohio valley. showers and thunderstorms in the carolinas into the atlanta and gulf coast area. with some severe storms, hail, gusty winds in the midwest. and showers in the desert southwest. >> phoenix is going to heat up to 108 degrees. just shy of the triple-digits in the plains. upper 80s in the midwest. 77 in boston. and 87 in new york. one of america's favorite snack cakes is making a return. but there will be something different about the twinkie. caught on camera and caught up in a murder-for-hire scandal. a wife is accused of trying to hire a hitman to kill her husband. why police say she did it. the video they say is proof of this crime. plus, is this the way of commuting in the future? our first look at the one-wheel vehicle that's said to be impossible to fall off of.
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and welcome back. americans are spending again and they're using plastic to do it. credit card use shot up in may, hitting the highest point in nearly three years. consumers are feeling more confident with the economy. and college students are also borrowing more, despite last week's doubles of interest rates on student loans. that happened because congress failed to stop the increase. but rates could be going back down. tomorrow, the senate votes on whether to debate an extension of the lower rate.
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you've seen that. back-to-school ads starting earlier than ever. in the past, promotions used to begin in mid to late july. but stores have begun early to compete for the money parents spend this time of year. and twinkies return to stores next week. they're going to last longer. the new twinkies will have a 45-day shelf life, as opposed to the 26 days from the company that previously owned hostess. you can bite into one beginning july 15th. >> 45 days? >> i'm not sure -- >> that's an interesting marketing campaign. >> it's like -- >> there you go. when we come back, we'll talk about some dangers in your kitchen. >> the appliance that's a breeding ground for fungus. and it could be making you sick. and back in the saddle. the unlikely place lance armstrong is choosing to make a comeback. when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast,
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you got to try it you're looking at a milestone in repair of one of the world's most recognizable landmarks. the washington monument, draped in fabric. repair work is still under way to fix the damage from the earthquake in 2011. let's look at the morning road conditions. a slick ride at times in the desert southwest. wet and windy conditions from minneapolis to kansas city and chicago. a wet commute from the gulf coast into the southeast. scatter thunderstorms could dampen roads along the east coast. >> if you're flying, airport delays are possibly in chicago, detroit, kansas city, minneapolis and atlanta. george zimmerman's attorneys will try again today to drive home their case for self-defense. >> they called a spring of witnesses to identified the screams on the 911 call recorded just seconds before trayvon martin was shot and killed. here's abc's matt gutman.
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>> reporter: with grief etched on his face, trayvon martin's father on the stand. >> our world has just been turned up side down. >> reporter: tracy martin, called by zimmerman's attorneys, asked about this 911 call the night his son was shot. >> so, you think he's yelling held? >> yes. >> i was listening to his life being taken. >> reporter: he said those howls on that tape were his son's. >> i didn't tell them, it wasn't trayvon. i kind of -- i kind of pushed away from the -- away from the table. and just kind of shook my head and said i can't tell. >> reporter: but homicide investigator chris sereno says that's not what he told him when he first listened to it. >> he looked away and under his breath, as they interpreted, said no. >> reporter: george zimmerman's fate could hinge on those screams. and on his first full day of the case, defense called witness, after witness. all zimmerman friends, all
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agreeing. >> that's george's voice. >> yes. that's georgey. >> they want to say he's the victim. when he's the victim, now, he can use self-defense. >> reporter: however, around cross-examination, detective serino noted, when zimmerman heard that tape, he didn't think it was him, either. >> i believe his words were that doesn't sound like me. >> reporter: that 911 audio, so crucial, that 11 of the 12 witnesses testified for the defense, was asked who was screaming. another piece of evidence will be admissible, the amount of marijuana in trayvon martin's system that night. a michigan woman facing prison time after pleading guilty to hiring a hitman to kill her husband. on a video, julia is heard telling the detective, posing as a hitman, that killing her husband would be easier than divorcing him. if he was killed, she wouldn't have to worry about her family's judgment or breaking his heart. >> you mentioned a couple of
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different things to me. >> if it looks like a robbery. yeah. we were talking about insulin. >> you want it to look like a break-in? >> she is scheduled to be sentenced on july 30th. police say she wanted her husband's 400,000 life insurance policy. prayers and well-wishes are pouring in for randy travis, hospitalized in dallas in critical condition. he's suffering from complications of a disease of the heart muscle. it's the latest in a tough run for the 54-year-old travis, as there were three incidents last year, including an arrest after he crashed his transam while driving naked and intoxicated. troubling research this morning about a household appliance in of us use every day. dishwashers are a breeding ground for potentially harmful fungi. 60% of dishwashers tested positive for a fungus that could lead to ailments.
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it's in the rubber seals around the dishwasher doors. now, on to sports. lance armstrong is back in the saddle, announcing his first bicycle event since his emotional confession on oprah to doping. he's banned from life from competing in cycling competition. this times, it's a bike tour. the great bicycle ride across iowa this month. the seven-day race begins on july 21st, which is the final day of the tour de france. a crazy catch in milwaukee saving a game. >> we get more sports heil lights from our trend ins at espn. >> welcome to our "sportscenter" studio in los angeles. i'm stan verrett. major league baseball entering its final week before the all-star break. check out action from the ballparks on monday. dodgers and diamondbacks. zach greinke, that was the last time the dodgers pitcher got on that series. strikeout to eric chavez.
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ramirez has been hot. puig, his average down to .409. but the dodgers win it 6-1, over arizona. reds and brewers. top nine. man on first, two outs. joey votto. last chance for cincinnati. well-hit. that's off francisco rodriguez. and rodriguez thinks he may have given up a home run. but carlos gomez with a fantastic catch to rob votto of a two-run home run. and votto yells, check his glove. they check. and gomez had it. incredible catch. the brewers win 4-3. that's all from here. i'm stan verrett. now, back to you. >> you hit the ball 400 feet and the guy catches it. >> check his glove. >> man, oh, man. you bet. up next in "the pulse," the wedding proposal that filled a football stadium. and it's one of hollywood's biggest hunks looking for love? we have the details. k9 advantix ii not only kills fleas and ticks,
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♪ ♪ after all that you've been through ♪ ♪ breaking up is hard to do time to check "the pulse," stories that you're going to be talking about all day long. starting with one of hollywood's most beautiful couples apparently going their separate ways. >> after two years of dating, george clooney and stacy keibler have reportedly split. they say that it's because clooney has no interest in having kids or getting married. >> they are still talking every day. get ready for the rhino. >> it's a cross between the two. but it looks more like a motorcycle that's been sliced down the middle. >> kind of cool, i think. powered by a rechargeable battery. it can climb 30-degree hills.
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it's got self-balancing technology that reportedly makes it impossible for the driver to fall off. >> we want to give that a shot. >> we find that hard to believe. >> the ryno is going on sell next month for $3,300. >> think you can find a way to fall off that? a california woman is ready to live happily ever after following a ride of a lifetime. >> her boyfriend took her on a scenic helicopter ride over southern california. but he had a little surprise up his sleeve. over the rose bowl, she got a view of his proposal. jen, will you marry me? >> she was with a rock. those are big letters. what a way to pop the question. >> those letters must be massive, that big from up there. >> how do you say no to that? >> here's what you do. you say yes and you say no later. you can't say no then. >> you can't say no at the
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 >> good tuesday morning. >> mike nicco is here with a first check on the weather. >> good morning, gang. here is gone drop with radar and satellite. we have fog out there with visibility at one mile in santa rosa and four at half moon bay. everyone else is doing okay so far. you can see how low it is hanging. you can see -- cannot see the top of the bay bridge. from 80 to 96 north bay to east bay valley. the bail be 67 if san francisco and 75 in oakland to 86 in san jose. the coast will have clouds and upper 50's to middle 60's.
4:29 am
how is the commute? leyla gulen? >> at 4:28 we have quiet conditions. we have a few construction projects in emeryville where we have eastbound 580 between 80 to san pablo area there is bridge work so there will be only a few lanes until 6:00 a.m. in san francisco, southbound 101 at 10th the rank and connection between 101 and central freeway and 80 will be closed until 5:00 a.m. so far, so good, clear and accident-free conditions. >> the parents of the two young girls killed in the crash of asiana flight 214 are waking up in a hotel near the airport arriving from china last night passing by the wreckage of the plane which their children died. abc7 news reporter is at the hotel. matt?
4:30 am
>> the hotel area is declared a federal zone. this is video of the family of the two victims of the asiana flight 214 arriving last night along with family members of the 13 chinese passengers still in the hospital and several local authorities from china. huge umbrellas were brought to shield the family from the media. parents do not speak with reporters and were taken from the tarmac at sfo. the families will meet with the classmates and go to the coroner's office to identify their daughters, ye mengyuan and wang linjia. security remains tight around the crown plaza as you look at san mateo county sheriff parked at entrance. no word on when the families are expected to leave the hotel. >> matt, thanks. federal investigators will continue interviewing the pilots of asiana flight


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